• How soon after treatment can I go on my lawn?

We recommend waiting 30 minutes to an hour, giving the fertilizer and herbicide ample time to dry.

  • How soon after treatment can I mow?

We recommend waiting 24 hours to give the herbicide time to work its way through the weed, maximizing the results to eliminate it.

  • Should I water my lawn after treatment?

Absolutely! It is not necessary, but always beneficial to water your lawn after a treatment. We use a granular fertilizer that is activated when it comes into contact with moisture. The sooner it is activated in the soil, the faster results will be.

  • How do I know which program to choose?

Which program you choose will be specific to your lawn and your goals. If your lawn has not been treated for a few seasons and you have lots of weeds to remove, you may consider more applications. More treatments mean more fertilizer for a thicker and more established lawn. If you have a tolerance for weeds, then you could choose fewer applications and opt out of weed control. We can tailor it to you. Click here for more information about our packages. We are available to help you through the decision process as well. Give us a call.

  • What does “organic-based” fertilizer mean?

Organic-based means that when we order the materials from our suppliers, we are as organic as we can be, choosing the safest materials available that meet our criteria and are affordable and effective, as well.

  • Is Lawnganics safe for my kids and pets?

Absolutely. There are no harmful chemicals. Our fertilizers are organic and we are very stringent on using the least amount of herbicide as possible. Customers may opt out of herbicides, as well.

We recommend waiting 30-60 mins after treatment for it to dry before allowing kids and dogs to play.

  • Can you treat my yard if I live near a pond or have a pool?

Yes. We are careful to stay a safe distance away from ponds and can use hand spreaders to get to areas near water if needed. If you have an in-ground pool it must be covered before we will treat your lawn. Protecting our water sources is extremely important to us. That's why we choose products whose goal is to protect the environment. 

  • Does Lawnganics offer other services besides fertilizing?

Yes, we offer weed control, mechanical core aeration, liquid aeration and overseeding, fungicide treatments, a 4-step soil PH decreaser, and grub preventative treatment.

  • How much does Lawnganics cost?

Pricing is based on the square footage of your lawn. Our minimum price is $58 per treatment. Call for specific pricing.

  • How many applications are in each program?

We offer three tiers: Bronze, 4; Silver, 5; and Gold, 6

We also have some add-on services. Visit our Programs page for more information. 

  • Is our weed control organic?

Our Herbicide treatment is not organic.

  • Is the pre-emergent treatment organic?

Yes, we use an organic pre-emergent fertilizer mix.