The brutal, blazing summer sun and drought-like conditions are no match for Lawnganics' premium Summer Heat Protection Program. This program is designed to keep your lawn healthy, hydrated, and green by using all-natural ingredients free of pesticides, ensuring safety for children, animals, and the planet. Our program includes three applications which are crafted to help your grass thrive in the most extreme conditions.

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Ensure your lawn remains healthy throughout the peak summer heat and during droughts with our specialized lawn care service. We use an advanced formula containing slow-release nitrogen and sea kelp to guarantee enhanced water retention and reduced stress for your grass, gardens, and plants. Our service is designed to cater to all types of grass, offering a versatile and safe solution to keep your greenery flourishing even in the harshest conditions.


  • Improves water retention
  • Provides relief from environmental stress
  • Packed with advanced nutrients

Strong Root Growth

Encourage robust root development and create an environment for healthy soil and thriving vegetation with our root-enhancing service. Our expert blend of all-natural probiotics facilitates better nutrient uptake for root systems, promoting accelerated growth and increased resilience in plants. Suitable for a variety of greenery including grass, gardens, flowers, trees, and plants, our service ensures that your landscape flourishes from the ground up.


  • Loosens and conditions compacted soil
  • Improves water uptake and drainage
  • Strengthens root systems for bigger, healthier plants

Sustainable Grass Care

Embrace the natural resilience of seaweed extract to fortify your grass against the harshest environmental elements with our service. We provide a premium offering that empowers your grass to endure intense heat, extended droughts, and strong winds, resulting in a consistently lush and verdant landscape year-round. Our dedication to using only all-natural ingredients and pesticide-free solutions guarantees the safety of your family and the environment, giving you peace of mind alongside exceptional performance.


  • Develops stress tolerance in grass
  • Promotes greener and fuller lawns
  • Derived from nutrient-rich kelp

Program Implementation

For optimal results, it is recommended to start the Summer Heat Protection Program around the spring season time. This proactive approach ensures your lawn is well-prepared to handle the summer heat and drought conditions. The program helps maximize the efficiency of your watering efforts by improving water retention and slow-release capabilities.

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Additional Information

Water Retention: While the program emphasizes the importance of water retention, regular watering maintenance is still necessary. The treatments help optimize water and soil usage, allowing for better water management and extended hydration.

Compatibility: Our treatments are compatible with other customers' existing fertilizers and lawn care routines, whether they are Lawnganics customers or not.