Aeration is a key component of a healthy lawn. It is a process that removes excess thatch that has built up over years, allowing more nutrients to penetrate into the soil.

We offer two aeration options:  
  • Mechanical aeration physically pulls out plugs throughout the yard.
  • Liquid aeration is a microbial lawn thatcher designed to naturally decompose thatch build-up by using a powerful team of microorganisms. It works to create healthy soil that is well aerated and bioactive while quickly reducing organic waste by recycling it as a food source for your lawn and garden. Our product is Non-GMO and contains over 2 Dozen Strains of Naturally Occurring Beneficial Microorganisms that utilize the spent thatch as a food source and return valuable nutrients back to your lawn and soil.

Proper aeration results in a thicker, healthier lawn.  

Lawn aeration